StarHub Gee! Secure Login

As of 19th September 2002, StarHub has implemented a tighter security policy involving all web services in StarHub Gee! The security policy involves implementing 128 bit SSL (a highly secured access) on all our login and change password pages to protect the integrity of your passwords. This implementation ensures that your password will never be sent as it is, to our login servers.

After our secure login servers have authenticated your passwords, you will be redirected back to Gee! Services. During this redirection from our secure login servers back to Gee! Services, the browser will normally let you know of such a transition. This is expected as you are leaving the secure environment back to the normal one. At this point, your login has already been authenticated, so no confidential information will be returned.

If you are still unsure of our security policies, please feel free to contact our customer support at 1633.

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