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Redeem rewards. Take part in contests. Enjoy free wireless internet access at selected WiFi spots. Enjoy all these and more, with a Hub iD. Sign up today and manage your StarHub services the easy and convenient way!

With a Hub iD, you can easily manage all your StarHub services:

  • My Account Manager
    View your bills, update your billing address and personal particulars, renew your service contract, and subscribe to or change your value-added services.
  • My StarHub  (mobile app)
    View your service contract expiry date, bills, subscribe to Value-added Services and locate the nearest StarHub shops or Customer Service Centres via your mobile phone.
  • StarHub Rewards Redemption
    Reward yourself with treats from our catalogue.
  • StarHub Music Store
    Download and groove to the latest hits on your mobile or PC, and transfer the tracks across your devices.
  • StarHub Game Store
    Enter a whole new world of online gaming, and choose from a wide range of popular games across many genres.
  • StarHub Wireless Access
    Enjoy wireless internet access at selected WiFi spots in Singapore.